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Beijing - 北京
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Job Summary

Manager HR Marketing & Employee Engagement
1. Key Objectives and Scope of the Position
Leading role in the overall development, implementation and evaluation of employer branding & employee engagement strategy, roadmap and plan in order to achieve the goals as improving BMW China's image as an employer by internally improving employee satisfaction & engagement level, and externally promoting BMW's employer branding to experienced candidates, students and the public.

2. Major Responsibilities and Degree of Influence
Develop employer branding & employee engagement strategy, roadmap and annual plan based on requirments and needs from management team and employees for BMW Group China.
Design, plan and implement individually projects to support the target of enhance BMW China's employer branding & employee engagement.
Initiate and organize all employee conference, team building events or other projetcs to enhance employee engagement to BMW China culture & values.
Lead and organize recruitment events such as job fairs, and involve talent acquistion initiatives in business events / seminars to enhance company employer branding.
Lead colaboration with BMW China Trade Union.
Lead implementation of Health Management initiatives in BMW China.
*Be a member of build company culture, foster harmonious working environment and atmosphere.

3. Scope of Communication / Negotiation
Internal: HR Management team, BBA HR team/health management team, PR, Trade Union, Business Line managers, Legal, TP, Finance and controlling, IT, AG Colleagues.
External: Event agencies, venue and benefits agencies, upper union, universities, engagement survey agencies, health management related external partners, labor law related agencies

4. Qualifications
Excellent English skill and computer skills
Strong communication skill, be able to perform under pressure and multi-task environment, detail-orienter with high efficiency
Dedicate, mature, stable, proactive
Strong knowledge on employer branding & eployee engagement best practices
Quick learning & adaptation, result driven & excellent execution
A firm personal style, effective problem solver, ability to deal effectively with change and conflict and excellent planning and organizational skills.
Strong organization skills and project management skills.